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Bianca Kenna





FILM & Television

DOCTORS, Series 20, Ep. 74 & 75, Magda Kratowski                                                                   Dominic Keavey/BBC

THE SURVEYOR, the Daughter                                                                               Paul Duncan/Sanscript Productions

CONVERSATION #2, Joanna                                                                                                      Ryan Hogan/Grizzly Films

LIMBO, Claire                                                                                                                     Jakob Prewitt/Met Film School

TACO TUESDAY, Rachel                                                                                     Dalis Leyendecker/New York University




TRUMP'D!, Donna                                                                                    Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Two Thirds Comedy

ROBIN HOOD (World Premiere), Queen Eleanor                                    Douglas Carter Beane, Lewis Flinn, Joey Pizzi

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, Annie Oakley                                                                                     Jay Fink/St. Jean’s Players

THE MALTESE WALTER, Vera                                                                Shorts @ the Canal Café Theatre/William Ribo

BRIGADOON, Meg Brockie                                                                                               Sharon Lowe/St. Jean’s Players

BAALS TO THE WALLS, Baal (also co-writer)                                                           Robin Eriksen/Columbia University

VITAL COMPONENTS, Shey/Ashley                                               Andrew Frank/Mac Rogers/1983 Scholarship Fund

THE THINGS WE DO, Marin                                                                      Radioactive Festival/E 4th St Theater @NYTW

ROMEO AND JULIET, Lady Capulet (workshop)                                     Michael Flynn/Scranton Shakespeare Festival

DREAMLAND, Hannah                                                                                      Emma Weinstein/The Glasshouse Project


commercial + Voiceover

CUSTOMERS FIRST CHAMPION (Industrial)                                                          Telus Communications/Nick Schelle

"CUPBOARD", RNIB Campaign, Office Worker (Second Featured Artist)                Big Red Button/The & Partnership

DISNEY'S THE LAST WARRIOR (Russian to English dubbing), Producer                                     Walt Disney Company

PEC LEVEL 5 INTERACTIVE ENGLISH LEARNING, Presenter                                             Cambridge University Press

HITMAN 2, American Crowd Voices                                                                                        Pinewood Studios


New York Academy Company of 2015

Associate's Degree of Occupational Studies, American Academy of Dramatic Arts


RADA Silver Shakespeare Award Recipient

Nominated for the Robert Finley Award for Best Supporting Actress for Crimes of the Heart


Workshops with Candice Elzinga, Kris Woz, Judy Lee, Andrew Polk

Coaching with Andrew McIlroy

Masterclasses with Frank Langella, Jerry Zaks, David Chase

Shakespeare Workshop with Timothy Stickney

Freedom to ACT workshop session with Richard Feldman and Carolyn Serota 

Interactive & Immersive Theatre Workshop with Journey Lab and Jeff Wirth of IPL


Advanced French Speaker (C1) | Advanced Beginner Piano

Soprano with mix/belt | Reads music

Hot Yoga Practitioner | Runner | Advanced Beginner Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Salsa 

Experience working with children

Dialects upon request

Improvisation | Viewpoints | Immersive Theatre Experience

Height          5’’7

Hair              Blonde

Eyes             Hazel

Voice Type/Range          E3-E6                                                                   Soprano with Belt

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